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Oxfordshire Projects (TRAX) exists as a safety net for young people struggling with recognised paths through education. When things have got tough and even alternative provision is not working, or even at the risk of issues becoming apparent, TRAX steps in. 

Since the early 90s, the charity has developed the skills and resources centered around well-being including mental health and social care underpinning vocational courses that provide a purpose for young people, including moving on into adulthood. Over the last five years, these courses have expanded alongside the qualified support working with our partners. Oxfordshire Projects (TRAX) is an inspirational place for young people to break the struggles and find a purpose with high-quality outcomes. Over the last 12 months, our graduating group achieved 90% success in their chosen vocational qualification. With small groups focusing on “what good looks like for each person” and individual plans TRAX delivers the change of direction young people need to step out with confidence into a world where they can make their contribution to themselves and society.

Supporting, Inspiring & Educating Young People in Oxfordshire and surrounding area for over 30 Years


Social Care

Trax prides itself on focusing on supporting young people to overcome issues and concerns they face almost every day life even after moving on.


Qualifications & Skills

With qualified engineers, sports science specialists & award-winning hairdressing staff. Rest assured each young person is getting the very best vocational education.



Just the Beginning

We don’t think it ends on the last day of attending Trax. It's just the beginning, we have plenty of past attendees who testify to our embedded moving-on scheme.


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Charity Aims

  • To reset young people and give them a purpose that becomes self-initiating.

  • To help young people make sense of how they feel and think in a world of growing complexity and pressure
  • To provide an environment of trust, safety for young people
  • To develop sustained self-worth in themselves and resistant to those who would want to break down that confidence and belief
  • To help young people understand the value of integrity and respecting others
  • To maximise their talents and skills
  • To provide alternative valued vocational training that leads to further education, apprenticeships, and stable long-term careers.
  • To continue to develop what we do to meet our aims
  • To provide a working environment that is valued and deliver a feeling of accomplishment for our staff
 Charity Aims


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