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Introductory to Sports Science

BTEC Level 1 in Introductory to Sport – Award, Certificate & Diploma

A perfect choice for those students who are passionate about staying active. You will develop knowledge and practical skills using a range of academic and physical methods focused around the sporting employment sector. Practical activities could include, Football, Rugby, racket sports, hiking, climbing and fitness development which will be embedded throughout the academic content.

This course is designed for learners to develop their skills for progression to further learning and, ultimately, to employment in the sports Industry.

It is aimed at young people who wish to study the sports and leisure industry. Learners will need to have a passion for sport and an interest in exploring the different areas of this area including health, fitness, performance, coaching, sports science, and events. They will learn about different aspects of the sports industry, from fitness training, understanding how the body works and preparing to coach a range of sports activities and organise sports events.

This course is the first steppingstone for students interested in sports studies who want to combine education on a non-traditional site with training and playing sport to the highest level they are capable of.

Sports Science