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Staff, why we exist.

Our staff ratio is 1 to 3 but it’s not just the numbers. With qualified engineers, Sports Science specialists, and award-winning hairdressing staff you can be assured each young person is getting the very best vocational education.

Our catering is renowned for the quality of food production and vocational courses that ensure a great career in catering. Of course, central to our past and very much part of our present is our mechanical courses for cars and motorbikes.

However, we are always one step ahead. We have developed a bicycle centre but not just any bicycle centre. While the operation has a state-of-the-art development area it also leads the way in electric bicycle propulsion.

Our sports science vocational skills courses achieve 100% success in course achievement but that’s not surprising when our lead in this area achieved a first in his degree and has developed an amazing set of working plans that deliver.

Our land-based staff are all qualified, garden designers and will enable a young person to understand how to grow plants and produce with confidence. A great start for a career in land-based skills.

Staff, why we exist

Vocational Tutors

Alongside the vocational tutors, we should not underestimate the quality of social care and mental health specialist supporting young people. Mental health is a growing issue, especially in young people. Young people are under greater pressure than ever before. Sadly, it is forecast these pressures will only increase. Trax is very aware of these pressures and over the last 5 years has steadily increased the staff levels in social care and mental health support.

This is not just passive. We have specialist slots in the week for social care issues and support. We ensure young people realise they are not alone.

Trax doesn’t ever stand still, and we are continuing to develop more skills including new appointments. Young people can be certain they will be on a journey supported by the best of staff with a proven track record.