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Social Care and Mental Health

Trax prides itself on focusing on supporting young people to overcome issues and concerns they face almost every day. One-third of our staff are either mental health specialists or qualified social care specialists. We understand for a young person to become energised in their chosen vocational course they have to manage the frustrations they deal with.

We have developed ways of working over many years that enable young people to come to terms with their challenges and achieve amazing results leading to valuable qualifications.

Critical to our success is we have small groups of class sizes no bigger than 1 to 8  and at times 1 to 1 if it’s required for a period of time.

At Trax, we establish what good looks like for each young person and then build a plan to support the young person achieve that goal. We don’t tend to look back. We have long ago understood you can’t change history but only influence the future for each person.

For each young person, it’s billions to one to they are born, each one is special, and it is our firm belief everyone is great at something they can do that becomes a career. We also understand a young person’s journey is tough, circumstances can make it even tougher.

At Trax, our vocational courses and support for each person go hand in hand. We have young people who go onto University, move onto Apprenticeships and gain fulfilling employment.

One of our Trustees used to attend Trax in the 90s and is now working in a senior role with Mercedes. 

With over 90% of young people achieving their qualifications attending Trax delivers measurable success and a great future.

Social Care and Mental Health